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Dedicated Agents

Dedicated Call Center Agents


For companies with higher call volumes, or those that require unique skill sets, Accolade Support offers dedicated support agents. These dedicated call center agents handle your calls exclusively and are scheduled according to your call center needs.  Your dedicated call center agents can be scheduled to meet your specific call volume patterns, match your corporate office open hours, or supplement your internal call center hours of operation.  As these dedicated call center agents are taking only your calls for 40 hours each week, product knowledge and agent effectiveness increase at a significant rate.  This product knowledge is then passed on to the other call center personnel via our real time proprietary CRM system.  It should also be noted that the dedicated support model can provide stronger call center statistics, especially when used in conjunction with shared call center agents backing them up for call spikes and busy periods.


Dedicated Agent Call Center Support Model

Dedicated call center agents are ideal for any company that has complex products to support, or requires a higher service level from its call center than most other companies.  Dedicated call center agents can be trained for as long and as extensively as your company desires.  They are your call center agents, and their time is for you to allocate however you wish.  These dedicated call center agents can undergo weeks or months of intensive product training, to make sure that your customers have a successful and satisfying experience when calling in to your call center.  Some companies offer a VIP or hotline to their elite customers, so that their calls to the call center are answered quicker than other call centers.  Dedicated call center agents are ideal for these scenarios, as they are standing by to answer a call coming in to our call center immediately, if they are not already on a call with one of your customers.


If your call center needs are seasonal or fluctuate, we can add or remove dedicated call center agents to fit your company’s needs.  As these dedicated call center agents are fully allocated to your company, we normally ask that such call center agent additions or deletions last for at least 2 months, but we can make exceptions with advance notice.  This flexibility offers our members greater access to the dedicated call center support model, for such times of the year as the Christmas holiday rush, busy summer period, or back to school rush.  We have had many members ramp up their dedicated call center agent staffing during their busy season, and then scale down their dedicated call center agents afterwards.  During this slow down, the dedicated call center agents are reduced in number, and our shared call center agents are utilized more, so that 24/7/365 call center services are still provided, but at a lower cost.


Since the dedicated call center agents work any contiguous eight hour shift that you desire for forty hours a week, the dedicated call center agents are able to perform many tasks and duties that normally are not available with the shared call center support model. One of the benefits of utilizing dedicated call center agents is the product information that is derived from calls coming in to the call center.  As they are taking customer calls for forty hours each week, dedicated call center agents are tapped in to the pulse of the company’s products and offerings.   The dedicated call center agents assist your customers every day, and all day.  These dedicated call center agents can quickly tell you what the top issues are, and which product issues should be a priority to be fixed.  We have had several members ask that their dedicated call center agents be present for weekly or bi-weekly product meetings.  We have had some members ask that their lead dedicated call center agent issue a weekly “Top 10 Product Issues” report, detailing the top issues that came in to our call center that week, workarounds, customer sentiment, etc.


Another of the many benefits of utilizing dedicated call center agents is relationship building that occurs, both with your internal staff, and your customers.  By working with the same friendly dedicated call center agents over months, and even years, a great working relationship develops between your staff and the dedicated call center agents.  This relationship can often foster increased production for the call center, and increase the level of service to your valued customers.  Dedicated call center agents often times develop relationships with your customers as well.  On countless occasions we have had the same customer call back over time, and speak with the same friendly dedicated call center agent that they spoke with the last time they called into our call center.  In many instances this relationship between the dedicated call center agent and the returning customer results in increased customer satisfaction.  When a customer calls in to our call center for the third or fourth time over a two year period, and speaks with the same dedicated call center agent, both are already familiar with each other, and have built a rapport together.  This helps ensure that each time that they call in, the customer’s interaction with your call center is a success, and that they are happy with your company’s commitment to customer service.


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