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Call Now! 1-800-673-9298

Mission & Values

Our Mission


Our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses.  At Accolade Support, we recognize that, from the smallest of start-ups to the largest of corporations, companies share the need to maximize their sales and business opportunities—attracting and retaining loyal customers while keeping overhead costs down. Technology will never replace the benefits of having a live person on the phone to talk one-on-one with a customer. We believe in treating each customer with the same level of courtesy, respect, and friendliness that we would want one of our own family members or loved ones to receive. The success and growth of Accolade Support comes from the success and growth of each company that we provide services for.


Our Values


Accolade Support believes in matching our services with companies, not just selling our services.  Accolade Support sometimes turns down opportunities to provide call center services when we aren’t a good match for another company, if that company has products of a questionable nature, or perhaps a known reputation for not treating customers ethically.


We do not make outbound sales calls, only return calls to existing customers.  Since its inception, Accolade Support has refused to bother hard working Americans with annoying and unsolicited sales calls.  We are proud to be an inbound call center, only making outbound calls for any necessary call backs or return phone calls to our clients existing customer base.


When a company signs up with Accolade Support, we work to empower each agent to provide the best possible experience for each caller.  Whenever possible, Accolade Support avoids providing rigid call scripts, and canned responses.  Instead, we try to provide information and then encourage agents to have a natural friendly human conversation with each caller.


Accolade Support provides companies with an affordable and green solution for their call center needs.  By utilizing remote call center agents, Accolade Support creates zero carbon emissions in commutes.  By using redundant hosting facilities for our systems, and not occupying large call center offices, Accolade Support reduces our overall power consumption.  Making less of an impact on our local environment and our planet is just one way that Accolade Support is positively impacting the call center industry.  Lower energy bills and overhead costs enables Accolade Support to provide companies with 100% US based call center agents at lower and affordable rates.




Service plans start at just $89/mo.


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