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Overflow Call Center Support


Accolade Support will work with your staff to provide call center services during seasonal peaks and random call spikes.  Basic business phone lines can often be setup through your provider to forward calls to our call center when everyone in your company is busy.  Many commercial phone systems can also be configured to transfer calls to an external number that goes to our call center when your staff is busy or wait times exceed certain thresholds.  Overflow call center support is the perfect solution to ensure customers don’t experience excessive hold times, at the lowest possible rates for your company.

Overflow call center support can consist of shared call center agents which are billed at a low monthly minimum for call center support. Additional minutes (minutes that are used when the included minutes in your plan have been fully used) are billed on a per minute basis for call center services.  Overflow call center support can also consist of one dedicated call center agent or several dedicated call center agents which exclusively take your calls and are billed on a monthly basis for call center services.  Accolade Support can also use a combination of dedicated call center agents, and shared call center agents to provide hybrid call center support.


Overflow call center support is utilized by the smallest sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies.  Whether you are a one person call center, or you have a call center with hundreds of call center agents, there are always times when you’ll have more calls than people in your call center.  Rather than have callers wait for the next call center agent, or go to voicemail, overflow call center support can help to reduce wait times and lost calls due to long waits and voicemail hang-ups.


Larger companies that utilize overflow call center support can save significant overhead costs by outsourcing calls.  Rather than utilizing more space, or hiring additional staff to handle peak call periods, overflow call center support can be utilized with shared call center support so you only pay for the time that call center agents are taking calls.  Some companies with larger call volumes coming into their call center often see predictable call spikes as well as call spikes.  If a predicable spike in a call center only lasts an hour or two it can be difficult to schedule call center agents for these shorter shifts.  If an unpredictable call spike occurs, it may take a long time to get call center agents to come in to work.  If it’s a short call spike may be over by the time call center agents can be brought on to handle the additional volume.  Overflow call center support is the perfect solution for handling these short and unexpected spikes that call centers experience on a regular basis helping you to control costs and maximize the number of calls answered.


Smaller companies that utilize overflow call center support project a larger image, and save potential lost sales.  Our call center has seen data where over 90% of callers will hang up if they are put into voicemail.  For a small business every sale counts, and any one call could be from a potential retailer or a reseller and lead to larger opportunities. Almost no business should be without at least overflow call center support.  Overflow call center support can make sure your callers have a professional and friendly call center agent ready to help them in any way possible.  Unlike answering services, call centers do more than just pass the message along.  Our call center agents can look up product information, look up an order, help someone to place an order, or simply take a message.  Overflow call center support can only help to increase your business success by capturing as many opportunities as possible.



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