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Shared Agents

Shared Call Center Agents


For companies with projects or products that produce lower call volumes, Accolade Support offers the shared call center support model.  These shared call center agents handle your calls, as well as calls for other companies.  All callers are greeted with your custom recording, and our agents answer with your custom script, creating a seamless and low-cost solution.


Accolade Support provides small businesses with shared agents on any customizable schedule, or a 24/7/365 basis.  Our shared call center agents are highly skilled, and are exceptionally friendly.  Our shared call center agents pride themselves on their level of customer care that they provide, and are committed to making each customer interaction to our call center a successful one.


Shared Call Center Agent Model

When you choose one of Accolade Support’s shared call center support plans, you are choosing a call center that is 100% based in the United States. We are not partnered with any call centers overseas, nor do any calls get transferred to anywhere outside the United States.  Every time one of your valuable customers calls in to us, that call will go to one of our highly skilled and courteous call center agents, who are located in the United States, not some call center in India.


Accolade Support’s smaller, affordable call center support plans can be perfect for new products or offerings in which the call volume will be light during the ramp up stage, or for companies that have low call volumes, but want to provide 24/7/365 call center services, without having to take incoming calls around the clock.  The shared call center support plan may also appeal to those companies who would like to go live a month or two before a major launch, for additional training for the call center agents, do test calls to the call center, etc.


We offer affordable shared call center support plans beginning as low as $89 per month.  This low entry point enables any company the ability to offer premium 24/7/365 call center services to its customers.   And since Accolade Support offers its call center members the ability to move up or down in plans month to month without penalty, you need not worry if call volume exceeds your initial call center projections.  Our Shared Call center Support plans are extremely flexible.  We know of no other call center service provider that offers as flexible terms as we do.  Unlike other call centers, with Accolade Support, you are not tied to a 6 month, annual, or 2 year call center contract.    We offer month to month terms for greater flexibility to our call center members.  And, as mentioned above, Accolade Support offers its call center members the ability to move up or down in plans month to month without penalty.  At the end of each month, whichever Shared Call center Support plan costs you the least amount of money, is the plan that you are put into, automatically.  This flexibility is extremely helpful to those Accolade Support members who have seasonal busy periods and slow seasons.  Other call centers will allow you to move up in plans, but not back down, and only after the first month is complete.


By sending your calls to Accolade Support and our 100% United States based call center agents, you also gain scalability, while at the same time avoiding the additional ramp up costs associated with expanding your internal call center.  These additional costs start with the leasing of additional office space or a new call center facility to accommodate the additional call center staff.  Other costs associated with a call center ramp up include data and network cabling, office furniture, computers, as well as call center equipment (telephones, phone lines, headsets, call center wall boards for queue levels, etc.).  There are a multitude of other costs associated with ramping up or expanding call center operations, but by outsourcing your call center function to Accolade Support, you don’t need to worry about any of that.  If your call volume increases by 300%, or 1000%, there is no call center ramp up on your end.  Better still, the per-minute call center costs go down, not up, as call volume increases.


There are many benefits of being able to offer 24/7/365 shared call center support services to your customers.  The most obvious is of course the increased service level to your customers, and their overall satisfaction with your product.  Offering 24/7/365 call center services can assist in securing new contracts, by helping to meet call center Service Level requirements.  Being able to advertise 24/7 call center services can be extremely useful for sales literature, and web site postings.  And there is also the image that using a professional call center can provide, especially if it is a 100% U.S. based call center, with every call center agent residing in the continental United States.


Service plans start at just $89/mo.


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